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Anti-Fingerprint Coating

Anti-fingerprint nano surface coating for stainless steel

Anti-fingerprint coating is a nano technology which provides long lasting protection for stainless steel. Anti-fingerprint coating protects stainless steel from water, dust, oil and fingerprints which makes stainless steel easy to clean.

Anti fingerprint has become one of the most Inquired and demanded coatings on various stainless steel finishes because it enhances the surface hardness.

  • Easy maintenance: Solving the problems of fingerprints on Stainless Steel products; easy maintenance and can be cleaned with cotton towel or cloth
  • Anti-corrosion rating: Salt Spray Test done (up to 20 days)
  • Anti-Chemical substances: It has helped in improving the stainless steel by decreasing the risk of corrosive chemical substances.
  • Increase surface hardness: Regular Stainless steel is rated 2-H to 3-H pencil hardness test. After the AFP treatment, the surface hardness is tripled to reach at least 6 H hardness, which decreases the chances of receiving surface scratches.
  • Laser, Plasma and high temperature cutting : Antifingerprint treatement helps to reduce the burn mark when the application is laser-cut.
  • Adhesion Testing: Anti-fingerprint treatement materials can be bended and folded without changing the physical properties of stainless steel.